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Request for Proposal - stage two

NeCTAR's Request For Proposal stage two (now closed)

NeCTAR's request for proposal is the process by which Australian research institutions, organisations, researchers and their technical partners are invited to submit project proposals to create an aspect of NeCTAR infrastructure. NeCTAR's RFP stage two officially opened on Friday May 4, 2012. Only Virtual Laboratory and Research cloud node proposals will be accepted:

  • Virtual Laboratories that harness existing national and institutional research infrastructure capabilities to improve researcher access and support collaborative research workflows on a national scale;
  • Research Cloud nodes to deploy and operate the distributed computational and storage infrastructure of the NeCTAR Research Cloud.

You must register

All those interested in submitting a project proposal must REGISTER to download RFP stage two documentation. Please particularly read Part D. The Response Template in Part D has been modified and streamlined since RFP stage one. Only Virtual Laboratories and Research Cloud node project proposals may be submitted. Research Tool and National Server Program proposals will not be accepted. 

RFP Questions and Answers

To view RFP stage one RFP questions and answers. If you have a new RFP stage two question please forward it to

Submitting your proposal

All RFP stage two project proposals must be submitted before 4pm AEST on Friday June 29, 2012 via email to

View the briefing session on TV

A briefing session was held in Melbourne Wednesday May 16, 2pm-4pm. The event was live-streamed. To view please go to

RFP stage two - watermarked version

Some users have reported issues downloading the document with version 8 (and possibly other versions) of Internet Explorer.  If this occurs for you whilst attempting to  download this file we recommend you use another browser, such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

RFP stage two watermarked version For full documentation, please register above.

What should you do now?

As an Australian researcher, now is the time to collaborate with your research communities, eResearch organisations and software support experts to determine what proposal you may wish to submit and what is possible. Contact your institutional eresearch office, research IT department, research office, regional eresearch organisation or university. The regional eResearch organisations include: QCIF; eResearch SA; iVEC; Intersect; TPAC; ANUSF; Versi or VPAC. Many of these organisations have already been actively involved in NeCTAR's consultations, technical workshops and Town Hall presentations. NeCTAR is looking for proposals, which will enhance research collaboration and deliver a transformative impact on research communities at a national scale.

New community forum to collaborate and connect

NeCTAR invites you to post your interest in submitting a Virtual Laboratory proposal on the “RFP Get Connected” forum below. We encourage you to use this forum to help find potential partners in your Virtual Laboratory proposals. It is easy, click on 'register', enter your name and email address and start posting.