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NeCTAR projects

The National eResearch Collaboration Tools and Resources (NeCTAR) is an Australian Government Super Science project, funded by the financed by the Education Investment Fund, to build eResearch infrastructure specifically for the needs of Australian researchers. All of the NeCTAR funded projects, fall into NeCTAR's four program areas which are: Virtual Laboratories, Research Cloud, eResearch Tools and National Servers Program. For a full list of all of NeCTAR's projects.

Virtual Laboratories

Nectar's Virtual Laboratories are creating a new era of connectivity for Australian researchers. Connecting researchers to existing and new research facilities, data repositories and computational tools. Streamlining research workflows and enabling new opportunities for research innovation. Empowering research collaboratiion and efficiencies on a national scale.

Research Cloud

NeCTAR is partnering with Australian institutions and research organisations to build a national Research Cloud for Australian researchers. Where they can host research applications, access a computational resource to complement existing and new supercomputing facilities and foster innovation.

eResearch Tools

NeCTAR eResearch Tools will provide research software infrastructure for the Australian research community. The program will fund the development of software-based infrastructure to address: needs for eResearch Tools as identified by proposals from the research community; requirements for specific capabilities identified by successful Virtual Laboratory proposals and migration of existing research application software to the Research Cloud.

The National Servers Program

The National Servers Program is the hoster of critical e-Research services for the Australian research community. Uniquely Australian, the first node (two data centres) are now built and housed at the University of Melbourne.