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Monash Research Cloud

Monash Research Cloud

Monash University is proposing the establishment of the 'NeCTAR Research Cloud at Monash'. The proposed facility aligns with the agendas of the research-intensive southeast precincts of Melbourne and their major national collaborations, whilst complementing the NeCTAR Research Cloud programme to satisfy the needs of Australia. Hence Monash University will establish a governance structure with broad representation.

NeCTAR Research Cloud at Monash is a five‐year, $4million+ initiative to develop and operate cloud infrastructure and services in accordance with the NeCTAR Lead Node and governance framework. The facility will include approximately 5300 commodity cores, plus an additional critical mass of GPGPUs and FusionIO high throughput processing capabilities that will compliment other proposed NeCTAR activities and add value to existing infrastructure. The facility will be acquired and built in two phases, allowing the exact configuration of novel heterogeneity to be determined such that maximum impact may be achieved. The facility will operate the required OpenStack and KVM cloud middleware. It will also share a high speed interconnect with major research and eResearch facilities in the southeast precinct. Monash University will provide over $2m of co-investment, almost entirely to operate the facility and engage with Victorian and national researchers, associated NeCTAR virtual laboratory and eResearch tool activities, and their collaborators.

We believe this strategy provides NeCTAR with a point of differentiation from commercial commodity cloud providers, and will very rapidly demonstrate the value and promise of integration oriented investments.


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