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Genomics Virtual Laboratory

Genomics Virtual Laboratory

The Genomics Virtual Laboratory (GVL) provides an opportunity for research institutes across Australia to participate in a community of accessible infrastructure, expertise and advocacy that connects genome researchers with massive datasets, sophisticated analysis tools, and large-scale computational infrastructure so that they can produce high-value globally competitive research results.

The GVL is broadly targeted at the “sequence-oriented” genome-related molecular bio-sciences – including epigenomics, transcriptomics, and meta- and eco-genomics. The GVL will provide researchers with access to national-scale projects including the NeCTAR Research Cloud, RDSI, NCI, Bioplatforms Australia (BPA), Australian National Data Service, and the EMBL Australia mirror of EMBL-EBI.

The GVL project is led by the University of Queensland Research Computing Centre, with partners QFAB, VLSCI, Garvan Institute of Medical Research, CSIRO, Bioplatforms Australia and University of Western Australia.

The GVL will

  • provide infrastructure tailored to the data-intensive demands of genomics;
  • provide a forum to collaborate and share data and workflows;
  • provide resources that advanced research groups can control and customise in the national research cloud;
  • promote the use of genome informatics through end-user support, training courses and outreach programs; and
  • build informatics platforms on national infrastructure in a way that can be extended to other -omics and biosciences in the future.
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Life Sciences Computation Centre
Victorian Life Science Computation Initiative
Assoc. Prof. Andrew Lonie

The University of Queensland
Ron Horst
Project Manager, Genome Research Computing
Telephone +61 7 3346 2276
Mobile phone 0417 538 723


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Lead Organisation: 
University of Queensland
Linked Organisations: 
Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation
Queensland Facility for Advanced Bioinformatics
University of Melbourne
Monash University
Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute