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Access the Research Cloud

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How does the cloud support researchers?

The national research cloud empowers researchers with new self-service abilities to publish research data, share knowledge and rapidly deploy and access software applications without the burden of operating their own computer servers. Researchers can easily put their great ideas, tools, research applications and data online, instantly. The cloud supports the increasingly collaborative nature of Australian research. It is an Australian secure platform to respond rapidly to new developments, access computer power from a single server to thousands of servers and share computational results with national and international collaboration partners.

Who are the cloud partners?

NeCTAR is partnering with other research infrastructure initiatives such as the Research Data Storage Initiative and the Australian National Data Service to provide cloud users with access to significant Australian research data holdings. The Australian Access Federation provides the authentication for the research cloud.

Is it cost effective?

The NeCTAR Research Cloud provides a cost-effective computational infrastructure complementing existing and new supercomputing facilities. NeCTAR's eResearch Tools and Virtual Laboratories will deploy their applications in the national research cloud, providing access to national research communities and fostering innovation in research software services. Just as the emergence of commercial cloud services (such as Amazon) enabled new enterprises to develop and provide innovative new cloud-based applications, NeCTAR's cloud will allow innovative new services for researchers to be rapidly deployed at low cost. Successful initiatives can readily scale to meet growing demand from the research community.

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A federated Australian Research Cloud is here

Computing and computer power has long been an important part of an Australian researcher’s way of working. NeCTAR is partnering with Australian universities and research institutions to create a national cloud for Australian researchers. Located at at eight different organisations (node sites) around Australia, yet operating as one cloud system, the NeCTAR Research Cloud is a federated effort and believed to be a world-first.

eRSA is one of the NeCTAR cloud node sites and have put together this great video introducing to researchers the benefits of the NeCTAR Research Cloud.

National Servers Program (NSP)

For information on the NSP service, including applications see