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Absence data

the wooly mammoth


These wafflings are submitted for public review of my own accord. I don’t have any official endorsement from any academic group. My only qualification is that I am programmer working on the back end at the BCCVL.

Absence Data

So I’ve been getting to know the excellently crafted infrastructure here at the BCCVL, debugging various R scripts, processing data, and getting a feel for how the entire process happens. When I decided that I was going to give the wheels a spin myself (in my own way), the first thing that started to really ponder was the...

We are LIVE!

Kelly Lennon

August 28th marked the launch of the Biodiversity & Climate Change Virtual Lab.

To celebrate, we held a launch party on the top floor of the Webb Centre at Griffith University’s Southbank Campus in Brisbane for everyone who dedicated time to the development of the BCCVL project. This included members of the BCCVL steering committee, technical committee and scientific advisory committee, the development team, representatives from our partners and various organisations who assisted with our dataset collections, end users, Griffith University staff who assis...

Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory v1.1 released

Amr Hassan

We're very happy to announce the release of TAOv1.1. This is a major update and includes the following new features and bug fixes:

  • Significant stability, performance and back-end enhancements.
  • Fixed a serious bug with magnitude calculations. They weren't totally wrong before, just off, especially at the bright-end. This has been rectified.
  • Fixed a property ordering bug in the output file.
  • Fixed a dust model selection bug.
  • Bandpass filters are now grouped and sorted by wavelength.
  • New filters: TOPHAT (used by the CANDELS team).
  • ...

National Type-1 Diabetes Registry (Richard Sinnott)

The endoVL supported Australian Diabetes Data Network (ADDN) has received extremely positive feedback from the Australasia Paediatric Endocrine Group (APEG) and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This system currently makes extensive information available on type-1 diabetes patients from across Australia. At present over 1200 patients have been included into the system with over 5000 consented and to be added imminently. It is expected that the system will eventually support over 20,000 patients and be used for a range of studies and collaborations. Automated procedures are used...

Globalisation of cancer research (Richard Sinnott)

The adrenal tumour component of endoVL (aka ENSAT-CANCER) continues to expand. The system is now being used by 52 major cancer centres in North and South America, across all of Europe and Asia. It also supports over 20 major international clinical trials.

Looking for testers…

Kelly Lennon

Here is your chance to check out the BCCVL before anyone else.

Just register to be a tester. It’s quick. It’s easy. You can do it at any time. Just play around with it and tell us what you think.

There will be a limit to the number of people we give access to. But everyone who registers will be given early access before we go live.


@BCCVL on twitter

Kelly Lennon

How could we resist when the twitter logo is a Mountain Bluebird (Sialia currucoides)? You can find us @BCCVL and we’ll be posting updates on the BCCVL and sharing pictures, stories and info from researchers who are doing great work in the field.

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We’re in Cairns

Kelly Lennon

Our visit is brief as we are here for the 2014 International Conference on Computational Science, but if you want some information on the BCCVL visit us at the Cairns Pullman International.  You can find us in the QCIF booth in the foyer. Come and say hi.

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Welcome to our new-look website!

Kelly Lennon

We thought that there is no better way to appreciate the biodiversity that our world has to offer than through amazing imagery and colour.  As part of our website refresh, we’ve also given an opportunity for researchers to exhibit their research on our website.

Be sure to explore our website, register your interest in the BCCVL, and send us your feedback.

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TAO version 1.0.10 released

Amr Hassan
A new version of TAO has been released. This version includes the following updates/fixes:
  • Added support for minimum/maximum RA and Dec (i.e. area on the sky) to the UI. Previously you could only choose an opening angle that was pointed at the horizon.
  • Added support for cutting your box/cone by apparent or absolute magnitude.
  • We've limited the maximum number of bandpass filters per job to 25 for computational reasons (please don't break our HPC!).
  • We've added 11 new filters in the SED module, including:
    • zFOURGE Hl, zFOURGE J3, zFOURGE Ks,...