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SHaRED/ÆKOS Released

Martin P

SHaRED/ÆKOS Released

This post is to inform you all that we have now publicly released our SHaRED researcher data submission tool and a new version of the ÆKOS Data Portal that integrates and supports SHaRED data sets.

I'd like to thank the SHaRED team of Martin Pullan, Benjamin Till, Tom Saleeba, Matt Schneider, Anita Smyth and the other members of TERN Eco-in...

ethics approval (Richard Sinnott)

Ethics approval has been given for the Niemann-Pick Disease registry. The system is currently undergoing final testing and will go live in April 2014.

Launch of Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory v1.0


We are are delighted to announce the launch of the Theoretical Astrophysical Observatory (TAO) v1.0, which is a node of the ASVO.

TAO is a powerful new tool for building customized virtual universes. At the core of TAO are multiple popular cosmological simulations and galaxy formation models. Results can be funnelled through higher-level modules to build mock galaxy catalogues and images. New simulations, models and tools will be added as they become available. All this is accessible via the cloud through a b...

Initial SHaRED ReleaseThe first component

Martin P

Initial SHaRED Release

The first component of SHaRED has been released to researchers and NRM practitioners interested in submitting ecological research data to a secure and accessible data repository. SHaRED is a data submission tool that supports “self-service” submission of research datasets for discovery and access via ÆKOS.

Parks Australia and some in...

Bioplatforms Australia Metagenomics Workshop (February 6-7, 10-11 2014)

Jerico Revote

Bioplatforms Australia conducted an “Introduction to Metagenomics” workshop last February 6-7, 2014 at University of New South Wales and February 10-11, 2014 at Monash University. The workshop was aimed for bench biologies with no or little experience in Bioinformatics using publicly available data resources and toolsets. As per previous Bioplatforms Australia workshops, the Metagenomics workshop […]

Annotate 3D Protein Structures With Jolecule


The Jolecule viewer was already integrated into the MyTardis platform, so that 3D protein structures (.pdb files) can be visualised and interacted with.

Now thanks to Jolecule’s developer Bosco Ho, we have the ability to annotate specific points (and views) of 3D structures in Jolecule. Double click on an atom in space, rotate the view to get a good picture of it and then hit ‘Save’. Type a description, and others can now see what you see.

This w...

TAO ASVO Node February Update

Amr Hassan

TAO is still a week or so away from its public release! We have been finalizing our performance enhancements and bugs squishing through the last month. I can summarize the achievements of the last month in the following points:

  • Different data quality-control checks are still in progress and issues raised are fixed as soon as they brought to the technical team attention. Based on the current system log we have only two issues remaining.
  • We re-imported the Galacticus mini-millennium dataset with some additional halo properties and unified units. Currently, the Galacticus...

A really big shout out to Floobits

Brian Ballsun-Stanton

So, we’re getting module development under weigh with our two new module developers, courtesy of Intersect Australia: Vincent Tran and Pierre Estephan!

We’ve discovered an absolutely amazing tool called Floobits. They provide multi-user real time collaborative code editing in the editor of our choice (Sublime Text). We were astonished at how useful th...