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National Servers Program

What is the National Servers Program?

The National Servers Program is the hoster of critical e-Research services for the Australian research community. Uniquely Australian, the NSP provides a robust national network of virtual servers and platforms to support many eResearch services such as the operations for the Research Cloud, virtual laboratories, tools and data.

The NSP is available to be used now

The NSP is free for Australian researchers and is available to be used now. It provides a safe and secure environment for Australian researchers to host their important research application which means they don’t have to worry about anything except managing their research. To submit an application and to use the NSP.

Where is the NSP located?

Similar to any 'hosting provider', the first node (two data centres) are now built and housed at the University of Melbourne.

Some special NSP services:

NSP Phase two has been built on Apache CloudStack – Vendor supported Citrix Version CloudPlatform. The service is completely self service, meaning you have full control of the overall management of your VM's lifecycle including management of which data centre they reside at to managing your own public IP addresses with in an isolated Private VLAN for your Project, snapshots, templates etc. We offer a number of VM templates for use – Centos 6.x Debian 6 & 7.x Ubuntu 12.04, Windows 2008R2 & RHEL both subject to BYO licensing. Varying in sizes with Larger Storage requirements being made available by RDSI.For more information please visit the NSP wiki: