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eResearch Tools

eResearch tools for Australian researchers

NeCTAR eResearch Tools will provide research software for the Australian research community and address specific research needs. The eResearch tools program has a strong focus on enhancing existing tools and applications to be more collaborative, accessible and support research workflows. The eResearch tools will be deployed on NeCTAR'S Research Cloud.

Built by and for the Australian Research Community

The Australian research community and their technical partners will build NeCTAR's e-Research Tools and were invited via NeCTAR's stage one Request for Proposal, September 2011, to submit project proposals. The following groups and their collaborating partners have built the following e-Research Tools.

Macquarie University UniCarbKB: e-infrastructure for glycomics; University of Western Australia Cloud-based bio-informatics tools;
University of Queensland OzTrack: tools for the storage, analysis and visualisation of animal tracking data; Monash University Bioscience Data Platform - TARDIS in the cloud;
Australian Synchroton Tools for the Australian Synchroton community; Australian National University Drishti and Voluminous - volume visualisiation tools
University of NSW Federated Archaeological information management system; Curtin University Collaborative and Automated Tools for the analysis fof marine imagery and video (CATAMI)
Monash University Geology from Geodynamics; QCIF Quadrant
University of Melbourne High throughput computing for globally connected science; University of Queensland Aust-ESE project - tools to support collaborative authoring and mangement of electronic scholarly editions
University of Adelaide Submission, harmonisation and retrieval of ecological data - SHaRED University of Melbourne Human Variome Project, Australian node clinical and molecular data linkage tools
Schizophrenia Research Institute Extension and Enhancement of Systems for the Australian Schizophrenia Research Bank CSIRO Cloud based image analysis and processing toolbox